Labour_Plus_logo The Labour Plus project was launched in April 2012 for a period of three years. The lead partner of the project is the ENTP member, the municipality of Nieuwegein, and the "communication component" is led by the ENTP. Funded by the EU ERDF funds under the Interreg IVC Programme, the aim of the project is to fight against social exclusion of vulnerable groups in the labour market, such as migrants and Roma in particular, especially in times of economic crisis and financial distress when local governments lack opportunities to create more effective and inclusive employment strategies.

AWARD has been launched in October 2011 and stands for "AWAreness Raising and education for Development and culture". The project is devoted to raising awareness and sensitizing European development actors and European development education bodies to the crucial role that the cultural sector and cultural exchanges play in international development.

logo_def eastThe East project "urban satellites and metropolitan governance" is a project of exchange and cooperation gathering European, Indian and Chinese local authorities.

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new_medinaThe "New Medina" project, funded by the Ciudad programme, aims to develop an integrated approach for sustainable cities and new towns' planning in the Mediterranean region.
In this project, ENTP is coordinator partner.

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greengovThe "Greenov project" on transnational clusters of green renovation, is funded by the Interreg IVB North-West Europe programme.
The project is lead by the Intermunicipality of Marne-la-Vallée - Val Maubuée (FR), supported by ENTP, and counts as project partners the Municipality of Zoetermeer (NL) and Ashford (UK).

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euroscapeThe "Euroscapes" project focuses on management of cultural and natural landscape of urban and periurdan areas.
It is lead by the Intermunicipality of Marne-la-Vallée - Val Maubuée (FR) and ENTP is project parnter in charge of transnational communication.
The projects is founded by the Interreg IVC programme.

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