Profile Capelle aan den IJssel

The municipality of Capelle aan den IJssel forms part of the Rotterdam Region (1.2 million). After an explosive growth Capelle aan den IJssel has nowadays a population of 65,000, living in 30,000 homes (50% build after 1980) (60% private). Capelle aan den IJssel cooperates closely with its larger neighbour Rotterdam (600,000), the largest port in Europe and the gateway to northwestern Europe. Capelle aan den IJssel has a well developed transport infrastructure and is a key transport intersection. It boasts a modern city centre. Capelle aan den IJssel has major industrial and business parks. Distance to The Hague-Rotterdam airport is just 15 km.

Projects & key challenges

Including the results of the recent 2014 elections, below the key challenges & projects for Capelle aan den IJssel, that might fit into new (EU) projects

  • Sustainability

Improving local energy policies/actions. Future challenges for local energy policy &  implementation. Municipality as launching custome

  • City branding and attractiveness

Developing a shared understanding of city branding and attractiveness, sharing experiences and good practices on how to improve city identity and attractiveness, that is going beyond the economic-focused view of attractiveness, to include culture, sport, tourism, creativity, events, quality of life, etc. Sharing best practices in brand management.

  • Youth and education

Young people today are confronted by numerous challenges, with a lot of young people facing unemployment. They have been hard hit by the economic crisis, and the young unemployment figure is rising. In many European cities, an increasing number of young people are leaving school without the necessary qualifications for getting a job.

  • Security

Cities play an important role in ensuring citizens have a safe and secure place to live. A secure place is a top priority of Capelle aan den IJssel. Therfore, what is the impact of security on subjective well-beeing? How to improve the well-beeing?

  • Care for the elderly

Questions related to housing, security, inclusion, being lonely, poverty, care and health.

  • New style social work

Demand orientated, focus on the citizen’s personal strength.

  • Creation of “Central park”

The green hart (52 hect.) of Capelle aan den IJssel is (too) unknown. Especially people from other cities in the region should start to discover our Park. It should become more attractive with more activities and with better access. Indication of costs: € 350.000

  • Upgrading mixed economic zone (industrial/business/retail park)

More quality: accessibility, segmentation, functionality. Quick wins. Indication of costs quick wins: € 900.000. Indication of costs mid and long term: € 1.500,000

  • Housing

Project the “ Hoven”.  City centre, small, cheap, prefab housing blocks (1965). These houses should be replaced by modern suburban housing. Indication of costs: € 7 a 10 million

  • Accessibility and use of the river (the IJssel)

Focus on recreational use (of the dike) and reinventing the link between the city and the river. Indication of costs : € 500.000

  • Fighting obesity (healthy children, reduction of children’s weight)

Prevention on schools. Indication of costs : € 250.000

  • Creation of jobs

Stimulating labour participation in all possible ways.