Associate ENTP member since: 2012

Population: 150.000 inhabitants

Surface Area of Town: 8.000 hectares

General Description


Naya Raipur (New Raipur) is the upcoming capital city of Chhattisgarh, a state in Central India. Located between National Highways NH-6 and NH-43, it is 17 km away in the south-east direction from the current capital Raipur; Swami Vivekananda Airport separates the old and new cities. Naya Raipur would at once serve as the administrative capital of the State and also cater to the infrastructural needs of industry and trade in the region. Naya Raipur includes 41 villages out of which 27 villages form the core of the Naya Raipur. The population of just one village has been displaced in this renovation of villages for the construction of Naya Raipur. About half of the total acquired land is being used for afforestation, roads, parks, public conveniences, water facilities-canals, green belts etc. 23% of the land would be reserved for educational institutions, government offices and public auditoriums etc. 30% of the land will be used for residential and economical purposes. Naya Raipur would be India's fourth planned capital city after Gandhinagar (Gujarat), Chandigarh (Punjab and Harayana) and Bhubaneshwar (Orissa).The project is likely to cost anywhere between Rs 1.500-2.000. The city is expected to house about 4.5 Lakh people within a decade and provisions, in the form of future infrastructure upgrade, have been made for its expansion.


The primary identity of Naya Raipur is to be a satellite city to Raipur, holding capital function. It will be modern in the use of technology, uphold worthy traditions and core values, and conserve the prevailing man-nature symbiotic culture as well as abundant nature & cultural assets in the region. The citizens will be offered a wide range of living options with equity and dignity. The satellite city will establish an efficient engine of growth and prosperity.

  • A servicing hub not only in manufacturing of goods but also in information Technology and Bio-Technology sectors.
  • A financial center of the region.
  • Hub of trade and hospitality sectors in Naya Raipur.
  • Hub of cultural services which would supplement local economy.
  • Hub of affordable and high quality medical services.
  • Hub of quality educational facilities and strive to develop as a knowledge base.

However, the vision of the city in physical terms, i.e. its form and function in two as well as three dimensional terms is delineated in a subsequent section. For all the lofty mundane purposes bestowed on this city, a comprehensive exercise was undertaken to find a perfect location for it. An imaginary circle of 50 km radius was drawn around Raipur and this massive area was divided into four quadrants. Each quadrant was analyzed in context of regional development, existing development, climatic factors, flora and fauna, water resources, transport network etc. and the efforts yielded the present site southeast of Raipur at about 15 km distance, close to Mana Airport. The site selection methodology and site profile are detailed.

Key Assets of the Town


The main activity base of Naya Raipur would be the Government / State Capital functions. However, a diversification of economic is desirable which would be attained through the following activities: the Software Technology Park, gems and jewelry and other similar industries, business offices, health, education and research services, regional recreational activities, museums, art galleries and lakes, a botanical garden and golf courses.  

Urban Planning & Environment:

Project and project area will be under the purview of water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act 1974; Air (Prevention and control of Pollution) Act 1981, the Environment (projection) Act 1986 via Chhattisgarh Environment Conservation Boards (CECB), (State Pollution Control Boards) newly established for Chhattisgarh to implement and enforce the national standards for effluents, water quality, ambient air quality and ambient noise level.  Further, the project will be under the purview of the guidelines of CPCB formulated for municipal waste generation as Municipal waste (Management and Handling) Rules 1999; Hospital Waste Generation as Bio-medical Waste (Management & Handling) Rules 1998.


For the provision of education facilities the objective is:

  • To provide primary, higher secondary schools education to 100% children of the age group 6-18.
  • To provide integrated school with and without hostel facilities to be developed as public and other similar schools.
  • To provide school for the mentally and physically disadvantaged.
  • To provide higher education facilities for at least 3% of the total population or for about 30% of the age group 18-24.

Recreation & Culture

Recreational areas and open spaces are integral to the garden city image of Naya Raipur. Recreation consists of diverse activities including parks, play areas; other passive and active recreation. Recreation facilities are to be so developed as to cater to all age groups with varying needs as also regional, recreational activity like jungle safari, golf course. Quality recreational spaces in the capital city have been provided at different hierarchical levels for enhancing the quality of life and environment in the city.

More information in the official NRDA website.