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ENTP publication discusses the requirements for establishing sustainable "New Towns" across Europe and Asia.
The publication has been released in June 2014 by P.I.E. Peter Lang International Academic Publishers. 
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AWARD_publicationENTP publication discusses the critical role of culture in International Cooperation.

The publication has been released in June 2014 by P.I.E. Peter Lang International Academic Publishers.

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ENTP publication provides an overview of European new towns dynamics and perspectives.
It has been released in October 2010 by P.I.E. Peter Lang publishing house. 

New Medinas coverThe "New Medinas" book presents a comparative perspective on the development of new towns and sustainable urban planning from both sides of the Mediterranean sea. The publication is available in English and in French.



World Health Day 2010 campaign

1000_citiesENTP supports the WHO campaign "1000 cities, 1000 lives".

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1000_citiesENTP supports the WHO campaign "1000 cities, 1000 lives".

The latest updates on the preparations for World Health Day 2010 and the "1000 Cities, 1000 Lives" campaign include

As explained during the ENTP General Assembly, ENTP has been contacted by the World Health Organisation in order to help the implementation of the campaign "1000 cities 1000 lives". The initiative consists in having several municipalities around the World organising, during the same week, a one-day event about sport and health-related activities .

The philosophy of the event is two-fold: on one hand, the day aims to promote health related policies and make politicians and stakeholders think about the impact of urban policies on the wellness of citizens  (even when not immediately evident); on the other hand, it is an occasion to enhance and publicize the efforts and the initiatives of the local authorities from the point of view of the health and well-being of the populations (including elderly or other people not usually taking advantage of sport and leisure services).

image_miniMunicipalities are expected to close a street or a public space for one day and to organise there activities to make people take benefits of the public space. It can be a run, games, some stands promoting municipal services and other services locally available.
More infos are available here.

Once the Municipality has decided to take part in the event, ENTP would act as go-between with the WHO European office providing guidelines, logos and supporting information for the campaign.

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